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About Green Design Build, Inc.
Green Design Build, Inc. is here in the Lost Creek, TX area to work with you on all of your Designer - Bathroom needs. Green Design Build, Inc. has experienced insurance staff to work with any and all insurance needs, as well as working with your Mortgage Co. and City, County, State, and Federal entities. We use Laser equipment to perform our on site investigations and the latest technology to design, estimate, and schedule your Designer - Bathroom project in the Lost Creek, TX area. We do know and use the tried and true methods from 30 plus years of Designer - Bathroom experience to give you the best. For an estimate in the Lost Creek, TX area, please give us a call at 512-423-3826.
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Green Design Build, Inc. uses Laser equipment and the latest versions of Auto Cad, Revit and BIM drawing software so we can create your Designer - Bathroom plans in the Lost Creek, TX area with the most accuracy and speed. We have the ability to revise building plans and provide Designer - Bathroom details as required with precision and speed. We have several stock plans to choose from that can be altered to provide for your Designer - Bathroom needs in the Lost Creek, TX area. For an estimate in the Lost Creek, TX area, please give Green Design Build, Inc. a call at 512-423-3826.
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Are you thinking about doing a major remodel within your house?  Maybe you want to start with your bathroom.  Whatever your goal is, don't forget to consider the overall design (and decor) before you get started.  For example in your bathroom you need to think about features like a shower or vanity, maybe even a walk-in steam room.  Another important detail is to consider what style (contemporary, Victorian, country, rustic, etc.) your house is to begin with, because straying to far from your original concept can become very expensive.  Paint is another great way to transform any bathroom or house (interior or exterior), but you must be careful when selecting a color scheme.  Certain colors provide specific results like neutral colors allowing a variety of amenities and lighter colors (like white) can make a room appear larger and more spacious.  Tell us about your project and we can handle your bathroom design.

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